Sewn Open Mouth

SOM bags are used for dry products and are closed with a sewing thread on one end. Many markets using Sewn Bags can be unpredictable. With our wide variety of ribbed and high performance papers we can ensure you have the bags you need, when you need them.

  • Applications: Animal Feed, Flour, Minerals, Pet Food,Rice, Seed
  • Structures: Up to 6 ply options with varying substrates utilizing ribbed & other high performance papers
  • Printing Capabilities: Up to 10 colors
  • Sizes: 15lbs to 60lbs and 6 ply options
  • Certifications: AIB and SQF Certified
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Product Specifications

Minimum Size 10" x 20"
Maximum Size 20" x 7 1/2" x 49
Face Width 10"- 26"
Gusset Width 2" – 7.5"
Finished Length 18"-48"
Valve Top-Bottom n/a
Construction Capabilities Up to 6 plies
Printing Capabilities Up to 9 colors or 8 colors plus varnish
EZ Open Features Yes
Perforations Yes
Thumb Notch No
Gusset Stagger Yes
Inserted Poly Bag Yes
Heat Seal Yes
Closing Features Yes
Precrease Bottom No
Metal Detector Yes


Fabric Lamination BOPP-OPP
Grammage Minimum 81 Grams 29 grams 14 grams
Grammage Maximum 85 Grams 31 grams 16 grams

Warehousing Available